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Our volunteers are the backbone of this monitoring effort. In order to assess the status of Maine’s nightjars, the we have more than 60 monitoring routes in nightjar habitat throughout the state that must be run every year. To view available routes, click here. Each field season, volunteers set out on calm, summer nights to listen for and document nightjars. 

Volunteers of all experience levels can take part in this project. The most important skill is being able to identify nightjars by ear. Use the bird profiles and quiz to improve and test your identification skills.

There are many ways volunteers can take part in the project. Volunteers can adopt and monitor nightjar routes, assist with data entry, and join the "Nightjar Reserve". Volunteers in the Nightjar Reserve help the project conduct surveys in a pinch when other volunteers are unable to cover their route.

Sign up here:

We will be with you shortly with more details. Thank you for your interest in the project!

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