Survey Calendar

Located below is a calendar outlining the survey schedule for the summer 2020 field season. Due to how the arrival dates and lunar cycles are lined up in 2020, there are two lunar cycles this upcoming year.


Southern Maine: Initial surveys can be run in Southern Maine between May 30th and June 14th. Follow-up surveys (which are conducted when Eastern Whip-poor-will have been detected earlier in the season) can be conducted in Southern Maine between this same window. 

Northern Maine: Initial surveys can be run in Northern Maine on May 30th and June 14th. Follow-up surveys can be conducted in Northern Maine between June 29th and July 13th. 

A note on the full moon: full moon conditions offer the best survey conditions so long as there are acceptable weather conditions. The full moons impacting the 2020 field season are June 5th and July 5th.

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