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Data Submission

Each year, our project volunteers help us to generate an impressive quantity of essential data. This data helps us to understand the status and distribution of our state's nightjars. Volunteers can assist the project by entering their monitoring data into spreadsheet format and uploading it here. 

Volunteers that are interested in helping to enter other volunteer's project data should contact the project director.

How to submit your data:

1. Download the spreadsheet by clicking the "Download Spreadsheet" button below. 

2. Enter the data from your data sheets into the spreadsheet according to the headings. Note that there are two tabs in the sheet - "Survey Point Data" and "Survey Observations".  

3. Upload your completed spreadsheets to the site using the "Attach Your Data +" button below. 

4. Once attached, click "Submit Data" to upload spreadsheet.

4. Email scans of the original data sheets to and/or mail original data* sheets to:

Logan Parker, 272 Chisholm Pond Road, Palermo, ME 04354. 

Attach Your Data

Submit Data

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Click here to view an example data sheet and spreadsheets.

*Make sure to make a copy or scan of your data sheets before sending them through the mail.

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